Beacon, New York

     Third Rail Ops provides design and production support to artists and architects.  At the heart of the practice is a projection theater where works are visualized full size in three dimensions.  The latest computer technology, in-house CNC machining, large format printing, and a seasoned network of services such as rapid prototyping and large-scale fabrication complete the picture.


    Mike and Doug Starn, "Big Bamboo": A huge bamboo sculpture was visualized with computer simulation before it was actually constructed.   The simulations guided the assembly process when it was first created in Beacon and then when it was installed on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum .

    Herzog+deMeuron, Basel, 40 Bond Street Graffiti Gate: A beautiful, complex shape created by Dr. Detlef Schobert, Munich, was adapted for production including the design of integrated hardware. 130 detailed foam casting patterns, each about 3 x 5 feet and four inches thick, were machined in-house.   Working together with foundry staff, methods were developed  to cast this 125 x 26 foot project in aluminum using the "lost foam" technique.

    Frederic Schwartz, AIA, Westchester 9-11 Memorial, "THE RISING": For this 80 foot high memorial in polished stainless steel, Third Rail Ops proposed to redesign the project using precision cast rather than fabricated joints.   This precision approach substantially reduced the weight and cost of stainless steel in the project.   The new design was generated   by parametric modeling software which Third Rail Ops created in the C++ language.  As part of the process Third Rail Ops provided many 3D design images and fully rendered beauty shots for the client's use.

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